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Thin Air Growing Systems

introducing the new "medium-less" technology

a growing tool used for seed germination, plant propagation and full term growth




US and foreign

patents pending

US patent #7,426,802


Grow for transplanting


In the chamber's platform top put the seeds, using the seed disk, and/or cuttings into the plant cube which has one or five or eight 3/4 inch diameter holes or the foam cube with 20 holes. More than one seed or plant cutting can be placed into each hole depending on the species. The misting arm will moisten the seeds and cuttings. As the plantís roots grow downward inside the chamber they are suspended in thin air and continue to receive nutrients from the misting arm. The roots never touch anything inside the chamber; preventing root rot and rot matting. You can inspect your plantís development at any time by simply removing a plant cube or by lifting the chamber top up and setting it on the chamberís top edges. After the plants develop a strong root structure it will be time to transplant. Simply remove the plant cube from the chamber's platform top, pull the plant cube apart, and set plants in soil.  Now you can start a new crop.


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