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Thin Air Growing Systems

introducing the new "medium-less" technology

a growing tool used for seed germination, plant propagation and full term growth




US and foreign

patents pending

US patent #7,426,802


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Why TAGS is right for you:

  • Mobile, free standing, self contained unit takes up little space [less than 3 square feet].

  • Grow your favorite vegetables, culinary and medical herbs, peppers or plant cuttings, year round, inside or outside.

  • Produces excellent flavor and freshness.

  • Can mix and match plants in the same unit.

  • Propagate your herbs, shrubs, trees, and foliage plants using a True Aeroponic system.

  • You don’t need messy soil or other types of growing media, like rocks or gravel.

  • Plants grow faster and healthier when misting roots in  'thin air'.

  • Your plants are free from soil borne pests.

  • System can grow more plants in less space.

  • System is 36 inches tall with the chamber stand: no achy back from bending over to garden.

  • Can grow in kitchens, balconies, patios, decks, yards or anywhere there is natural or artificial lighting.

  • Same day set up in less than an hour.

  • Our customer service team is a phone call away.

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