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Thin Air Growing Systems

introducing the new "medium-less" technology

a growing tool used for seed germination, plant propagation and full term growth




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US patent #7,426,802


Letter from President

Dear Valued Customer:

Here at Thin Air Growing Systems (TAGS), we have experienced the ‘there it is!’ moment we have been working for all of these years. We can now provide a hassle free growing system to our customers. Our True Aeroponic plant growing system is now perfected and ready to be released!

All of our growing systems are hand crafted, fabricated from  top quality materials, and made in the USA.

Our growing chamber provides the healthiest environment for plants to grow in, while insuring the plants grow bigger and more fruitful in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. While the roots are misted, the plants literally grow in ‘thin air’ and are free from soil borne pests and soil pollution! We are the first company that has produced pollutant free plants via aeroponics.  Our method produces Better Than Organic grown plants.  You control what your plants uptake.

With the TAGS unit you can now produce the healthiest plants and/or cuttings available in the world. You also have a simple, hassle free, proven method that was never previously available. Our system can be set up in an hour or less, drop a seed or cutting into the unit’s top, and simply walk away and watch it grow. This automated, self contained, unit is so simple that anyone from the inexperienced gardener to the sophisticated nursery owner can use it.

Here at TAGS we focus extreme attention and dedication to product design and quality. Our units will produce superior results year after year. Customers receive high quality units that are setting industry standards. Further, because you can plant more plants, that grow faster and healthier, in a smaller space, you will receive a return on investment with the TAGS Aeroponic system. Now, our customers can produce superior results with little effort. We are proud to offer to you the TAGS system, the most superior aeroponics method of growing plants to their fullest potential.  We look forward to serving you.


Ray Umbaugh




Thin Air Growing Systems (TAGS)

Office  (303) 530-3206

Fax      (303) 530-4433


web address:   www.ThinAirGrowingSystems.com

e-mail: CustomerService@ThinAirGrowingSystems.com


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