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Thin Air Growing Systems

introducing the new "medium-less" technology

a growing tool used for seed germination, plant propagation and full term growth




US and foreign

patents pending

US patent #7,426,802


Quality Investment

  Sturdy - durable and high quality materials:

ABS Chamber (crack and UV resistant) with re-enforced top rim made from 3/8" material

Thick Chamber Platform Top  (1 1/2") and  Plant Cubes (1 1/8" high)  made from 1/4" ABS plastic

Little Giant high performance submersible pump with magnetic drive, uses less electricity

Fourteen Misting Nozzles provides 100% humidity, no dry spots

Schedule 40 PVC and CPVC Tubing

Cycle Timer with adjustable settings, three year warranty

Reusable Plant Cubes and Seed Disk

Plant stakes made of plastic rod 5/8" thick, will not rot



  Quality investment:

  • Increase your crop yield.
  • Decrease your growing time.
  • No costly growing media for you to buy.
  • You grow more plants per square foot.
  • You re-use the Plant Cubes.
  • You can grow seeds and cuttings at the same time.
  • You can grow year round inside.
  • Unit height is 36 inches with stand and four casters.  Saves you money and space.
  • Saves you time and labor: unit is automated and simple to operate.
  • Pays you back year after year.
  • Costs you pennies a day to operate.
  • You have no water loss from evaporation or run off.
  • Conserves water and nutrients, no large reservoirs to dump
  • You get one year warranty on parts
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