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Thin Air Growing Systems

introducing the new "medium-less" technology

a growing tool used for seed germination, plant propagation and full term growth




US and foreign

patents pending

US patent #7,426,802


Simple to use

  • One Step System

  • Unit is self contained, mobile and fully automated.

  • Organized, efficient, and eliminates guesswork.

  • One step growing method: seeds and/or cuttings start and finish in the same place.

  • Controlled environment allows plants to grow roots rapidly.

  • Easy set up and maintenance: system sets up and breaks down in minutes (only four components).

  • Supports full life cycle: just place seeds and/or cuttings in Plant Cube and watch them grow.

  • Light weight, compact, easy to move, and saves space (uses less than 3 square feet).

  • Removable top with legs provides easy viewing of plant development without damaging roots.

  • Just pour in fresh water and nutrients as needed for the misting of roots.

  • Adjustable cycle timer for misting the roots.

  • Does not use messy soil or any type of non soil media like: rockwood, sponges, clay pebbles, foam chips, bark, peat pods, sand, jiffy-7 peat pellets, vermiculite, etc.

  • Can use with or without liquid rooting hormones, no pre-dipping necessary.

  • Fourteen self cleaning misting nozzles creating a 100% humidity environment.

  • Has a site glass, make of plastic, in the front to view the water level inside the chamber

  • Front two sides are slanted towards the bottom for quicker water changes

  • Has a 3/4" bottom ball drain valve

  • No top misting or plastic domes

  • required.



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